2018-2019 Supporters

A very sincere THANK YOU to all who donated to this year's All for Conn fundraiser

Your gift helps us continue to support over 30 essential programs that Conn Magnet Elementary School would otherwise go without. We couldn't continue to pursue our mission of helping every child reach his/her potential without your continued support. THANK YOU!

Every gift makes a difference at Conn, whether it is $5, $50 or $500. All supporters are listed alphabetically, and donation amounts are never publicly listed along side a contributor's name. Conn PTA respects donors' anonymity and takes confidentiality seriously. With that said, if you would still like your gift to remain completely anonymous, we understand. 
Please contact Leanne Schaffhauser, Financial Secretary, or Colleen Boudreau, Treasurer, at treasurer@connpta.org

Total raised as of November 2018: $26,384.31

Thank you to all who contributed to Penny Wars

Annie & Aria Abel
Heidi & Daniel Aber
Marcelo Ardon
Adija & Langdon Bailey
Jeremy Barefoot
Carolista Baum
Tracey Beerman
Jennifer Bell
Michele Bennet
Courtney & Michael Biedell
Francois Birgand
Lindsey Blackburn
Colleen Boudreau
Laura Browning
Yvonne Caples & Adam Ridge
Morgan, Russ & Elle Capps
William R. Capps
Evan Covington Chavez
James Davis
Meredith & Christopher Davis
Toni Davis
Carey D. Debnam
Erin Debnam & Christopher Zuiderhof
Nichole Dillon
Heather Dominique & Matt Schirmer
Becky Edwards
Erin & Michael Ewasyshyn
Stephanie Fanjul
Frank Fee
Peggy & Frank Fee, Sr.
Andrea Feiss
Elizabeth & Tom Forsythe 
Julie & John Fox
Sidney Fox & Michael Coysh
Dionne Francis Anntoniette
Maggie & Paul Fyfe
Amanda & Smith Gaddy
Angela Galloway
Stacy & Jed Gant
 Margaret Gatewood
Victoria Gelfeld
Crystal & Raymond Goodman
Russell Gorga
Tyson Graham
Kristen Graham
Allison Hajj
Heather & Jeff Hall
Christopher Hall
Nancy Hanley
Carol & Reid Harris
Jessica & Mike Herrman
Lindsay Holland
Astrid & Josh Huber
Gail & Gray Hutchinson
Katy & Doug Irving
Arneatha & Eric James
Meryl Coyle Johnston
Martha Jones
Tracey Kenney 
Naina Khera-McRackan
Erica & Andrew King
Julia Kirkpatrick
Ayn-Monique & Josh Klahre 
Mr. & Mrs. Klahre
Kathryn & George Kourtsounis
Carey Lang
Carmen Levy
Charles Levy
Leigh McClure & Christopher Gira
Carolyn McCoy
Leigh & Sam McGuire
Amy Mcmillian
Karen Mercer
Irma Moore
Dianne & Donnie Moyer
Elizabeth Nash
Janathea O'Regan
Jamie & Shane Parker
Nikki Plavec
Gweneth Pound
Thomas Pound
Corinna & John Proctor
Charles & Judith Proctor
Elizabeth Putz
Patricia Ramey
Kathleen Ramsdell
Kathleen Rooney 
Danielle Scarantino
Leanne & Jacob Schaffhauser
Maureen & Harrison Schaffhauser
Kim & Reid Serozi
Angela Strickland
Michael Stuart
Gary Sweezey
Mary Lee Veit
Jennifer & Michael Wagner
Wendy Wagner
Nicole Welch
Mary Williams
Cynthia & Jeff Williford
Merrenie & Jon Zellweger

2018-2019 Business Supporters

Dr. Christopher Pennisi
Dr. David Slawinski