Join the Conn PTA!

Who can join? 

Anyone! Parents, teachers, staff, friends or extended family. Membership is annual, and it is your support that enables the school to produce plays, hold field days, sign on visiting authors and provide technology upgrades for our kids.

What is required of me? 

You decide! While volunteering is welcomed and encouraged, we realize that not all individuals are able to do so, and we welcome you to choose your level of involvement. From joining, donating to All For Conn, to volunteering and attending monthly PTA meetings, your PTA membership will support the programs we support.

Why join the PTA?

It is a win-win for everyone! Conn’s PTA helps support the academic and cultural needs of all Conn students through volunteerism and fundraising efforts. We currently focus on support five main areas:  Cultural Arts, Behavior Support, Educator Support, Media Center and Parental Outreach and Involvement. Our volunteer and fundraising efforts provide 30+ cultural arts, educator support, media center, school improvement and parental outreach programs! 

What does it cost?* 

  • Individual: $10 (includes one membership card)
  • Family: $20 (includes two membership cards)

You also have an opportunity to pledge additional money to support All For Conn—our annual, no muss, no fuss fundraiser. Families simply contribute their best gift, and every dollar makes a difference to the 30+ programs that we support. This year our goal is to raise $30,000—when we make our goal Principal Duvall has a BIG surprise planned for the entire school! 

*By joining the Conn PTA, you automatically become a member of the State and National PTAs. Each membership represents one vote in PTA issues at the local, state and national PTA levels.

Get started now!

Fill in the two forms below (registration and dues payment) or download this form and return with cash/check via your child's weekly communication folder.

Join the Conn PTA ‎‎(2016-17)‎‎

Want to donate for All For Conn, but don't see your gift amount listed? No problem! Donate a custom amount here >>

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