Attend our meetings (2019-2020)

The Conn PTA typically holds open board meetings during the first week of every month from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Wilson's Eatery. We encourage you to attend. General Meetings may be held on a different day, depending on events held at Conn when General Membership Meetings are required.  Most General Membership Meetings will still be held at Wilson's, with only a few on the modular campus. 

Unfortunately the YMCA cannot offer childcare this year while we are at the modular campus.  


September 12:  5:00-5:30pm  GENERAL MEETING (TBD - Cafeteria or Media Center)

October 2:        6:30-8:00pm  Wilson's Eatery  PTA BOARD MTG.

November 6:     6:30-8:00pm  Wilson's Eatery  PTA BOARD MTG.

December 4:     6:30-8:00pm  Wilson's Eatery  PTA MINGLE

January 8:        6:30-8:00pm  Wilson's Eatery  PTA BOARD MTG.

February 5:      6:30-8:00pm  PNC Learning Center - Heritage Park  PTA BOARD MTG.

March 4:          6:30-8:00pm  Wilson's Eatery  GENERAL MEETING

April 1:            6:30-8:00pm  Google Meet - Invitation sent via MemberHub 

May 6:              6:30-8:00pm Google Meet - Invitation sent via MemberHub

June 3:            6:30-8:00pm  Google Meet - Invitation sent via MemberHub

PTA Board Meeting Minutes:

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