PTA Board

2019-2020 Board

President - Heather Hall,

The President Runs PTA meetings, is the official representative to the district, represents the PTA, speaks on behalf of the PTA and supports all the volunteers. 

The president is a member of all committees, so can attend any or all meetings as seems helpful. The President oversees the overall PTA calendar and adherence to bylaws & procedures. The President works closely with the school Principal, PTA board members and parents to organize and lead PTA activities throughout the school year. The President oversees the PTA budget and alignment of the budgetto PTA goals, runs the PTA meetings and helps communicate PTA programs and progress toward goals to the school and district community. The President is also responsible for representing the Conn PTA at school meetings, district forums and with all external communications regarding the PTA.

VP* Communications - Brittany Notch,

Publicize all PTA programs and manage communication within the PTA board and membership. Oversee publicity regarding the Conn PTA progress and performance to goals. Work closely with school staff, Principal, and PTA board and committee chairs to gather all school event details. Announce upcoming school and PTA events using all possible channels of communication. This person maintains and regularly updates the web site, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and PTA CONNect E-news, as well as overseeing the PTA CONNector, PTA promotional flyers, PTA bulletin board and carpool whiteboard.

VP* Membership - Paul Fyfe,

Attend Meet The Teacher/Open House events in August; Collect dues from members at time of sign-up; Compiles a spreadsheet of all members of the PTA and enter in the online NCPTA website; Fill in and distribute membership cards; Complete NCPTA dues forms and send in with dues check received from Treasurer; Print roster of members as needed. 

VP* Programs - Beth Putz,

Responsible for reviewing and overseeing the scheduling and execution of the PTA sponsored projects. Attend general PTA meetings and monthly PTA Board meetings. Report any info necessary at monthly Board meetings regarding PTA sponsored programs. Meet with President and chairs to come up with dates for Connival, Bingo Night, Winter Dance, etc. Make sure that all Committee chairs running PTA sponsored programs have access to information needed to run successful events. Touch base with chairs a couple of months prior to event to make them aware of their budget and also to let them know the paperwork needed from them. Let chairs know that you are there to help them and support them in any way you can. Keep VP Programs files up to date to hand off the next year.

Secretary - Eric James,

The secretary records the minutes of all meetings of the general membership and the board of directors. They also maintain a file of important documents related to the local PTA. At the end of his/her term, the secretary shall transfer this file of important documents to his/her successor as secretary.

Treasurer -  Colleen Boudreau,

Maintains the PTA financial records. Prepares the budget with board input and approval. Manages and reconciles bank accounts, pays bills and helps direct the Financial Secretary's duties. Provides financial reports for each PTA meeting. Prepares necessary documentation for semiannual audits. Provides annual IRS tax return information to professional tax accountant and files tax return. Completes and submits reports and forms as required NC PTA. Assists program chairs in money management and reporting. Archives the financial records after year end and tax return filed.

Financial Secretary - Lindsay Blackburn,

The primary duties of the Financial Secretary are as follows:

  • Become familiar with all PTA procedures for handling money.
  • Sign off on bank statements.
  • Manage the cash box during events and make sure there is change available for all events.
  • Receive all funds, check for accuracy and deposit in the PTA bank account.
  • Give all receipts, deposit slips and invoices/statements to the treasurer
  • Prepare a monthly report of all monies received and deposits made.
  • Perform other duties assigned/delegated by the Treasurer and/or President

Advocacy Committee Chairs - Morgan Capps,

Hospitality - Amanda Gaddy,

Nominating - OPEN 

Volunteers - OPEN,

Teacher Representative - OPEN

Wellness - Maggie Fyfe,

Audit - OPEN

Audit Committee. An audit committee should consist of three to five people who have not had access to the PTA checkbook or bank account. Because questions might arise about the details of PTA operations, it can be helpful to include an officer, perhaps the vice president or secretary, as a member of the audit committee. The others should be volunteers from the general PTA membership. The treasurer should be available to answer questions but should not sit on the committee.

As a group, the volunteers must be willing and able to meet at least twice during the "off season," usually summer. While individual audit tasks can be delegated, the committee will need to discuss the objectives and conclusions as a group.


*The vice president(s) shall perform duties requested by the president and the board of directors. In the event of a vacancy in the office of president, the vice president, or the vice presidents acting together if there is more than one, shall assume the duties of the president until a new president is elected pursuant to the bylaws.


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