About the PTA Yahoo Group

We use a Yahoo Group for internal communications. If you are a PTA board member, a committee lead or a committee member, please make sure to join this group.

How do I find the group?

Log in to the group page with your Yahoo ID to change membership settings or update your e-mail address. You do not need a yahoo email to set up a Yahoo account...you can use an existing email account, i.e. gmail.

You can choose to receive individual e-mails, a daily digest, or to view online only. 

Remember your Yahoo ID, you will need it to log in to the Yahoo group page to upload or view files.

How do I email the group?

E-mail the group at connptaboard@yahoogroups.com

Best Practices

  • Remember that we're all volunteers working to help our kids and teachers. We encourage discussion and ideas, but ask that you keep the tone respectful.
  • Control your Reply-to-All instincts :). Remember that there are more than 40 members, so think before you reply. For example, a simple "thank you!" response can be sent directly to the original poster.
  • Remember your Yahoo ID. You will need it to log in to the Yahoo Group page or to upload or view files.