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Reflections Program

The Reflections Program is a National PTA cultural arts contest which recognizes outstanding student works in six art areas: 

Photography     Literature     Visual Arts (2D and 3D)

     Dance Choreography     Film Production     Musical Composition


This year's theme: "WITHIN REACH"

How to enter and Artwork Deadline:

All art must be turned in by Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Students can enter any or all categories as many times as they choose!

Complete the Student Entry Form and turn it in along with your art submission
Remember to follow all rules and presentations guidelines! 
Forms must be completely filled out including signatures, title and artist statement

Here are the General Participation Rules. See more information for students here.

Our judging will take place before the holiday break and the winning art will be sent to the next level of competition. Students will be recognized later in the school year.

North Carolina PTA Reflections Web Page  |  Wake PTA Reflections Web Page

Questions? Contact Katie Sabino at

Thanks to the Conn students who participated in Reflections 2015-16!

Primary (K-2) Division:
1st: Leonardo Gorga (1st grade)
2nd: Camm Fyfe (2nd grade)
Visual Arts
1st: Luca Sabino (1st grade)
2nd: Carleigh Spencer (K)
3rd (tie): Scarlet Murray (1st grade) and Izzy Freeman (2nd grade)

Secondary (3-5) Division:
1st: Camille Corey (3rd grade)
1st: Avery Sweet (5th grade)
2nd: Emily Irving
Visual Arts
1st: Jack Pasfield (3rd grade)

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