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Teacher Reimbursements

All teachers who join the PTA are eligible to be reimbursed for supplies from the PTA - classroom teachers can spend $100 and specialists can spend $200!

How to receive your money:
  1. Reimbursement: Download a check request form, attach all receipts and put in PTA lockbox in the mailroom or email forms & receipts to Leanne at treasurer@connpta.org.

  2. Buy items at Stone's and specify Conn PTA (not Conn Elementary). Stone's will invoice the PTA directly.

2015-16 Teacher Mini-Grant Application

The PTA offers a fall and spring Mini-Grant program to help offset costs for learning opportunities that fit our magnet theme and mission at Conn. The deadline for spring Mini-Grant applications is Febryary 29, 2016. All applying teachers MUST have a PTA membership and can be rewarded a mini-grant once per year. If you have questions, please email minigrant@connpta.org.

There are two ways to apply:

  1. Online Mini-Grant Application. (We prefer this one!) Fill out the form and be sure to click 'Submit' at the end.

  2. Paper submission. Download the printable mini-grant application and return to the PTA mailbox.

If you have questions about the Conn PTA Teacher Mini-Grants, please email the Mini-Grant Committee at minigrant@connpta.org.

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