Communication between home and school is of prime importance. 

Information regarding your child’s class, policies, activities, testing, student performances and other announcements is essential to healthy participation in our Conn community. The PTA and Conn Administration have developed a number of communication avenues that fit the need for our parents to gain this essential information. Contact the Conn PTA Communications Chair if you have any questions. 


PTA CONNect is our MailChimp mailing list.  We will use it to send out monthly e-mails to distribute our newsletter, the CONNector.  We will also send out important updates.  Please sign up!

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Weekly Phone Message by Mr. Richburg

The Conn Principal, Barry Richburg, communicates with all parents through a telephone-caller system to enhance communication within the school community.

Each week an automated recording by Mr. Richburg is sent to all parents keeping you up to date with a weekly agenda.

If you do not receive the phone message, contact our Data Manager Karen Foye in the main office, 919-856-7637.

Social Media

The Conn PTA sponsors a Facebook Page and Twitter feed for parents to join and follow. 

Updates are posted regularly by the Conn PTA Communications team.  

Friday Folder

Each student should take home a "Friday Folder" from his/her classroom teacher that includes  assignments completed, school / PTA announcements, special events, and classroom happenings.

Conn Elementary School Website

The main school website provides accurate and up-to-date information.

The site provides information about the magnet program, teachers, media center, and helpful content for parents.

The school website is maintained by school faculty.


The CONNector is our monthly newsletter. 

In our hope to save trees and printing funds, the Conn PTA is asking parents to choose whether or not they would like to receive the monthly CONNector in hard copy form in their Tuesday folder or access the newsletter electronically. The newsletter will be posted each month on the PTA Conn website.

Carpool Information Sign

Do you carpool at Conn? 

As you approach the carpool lane, please look to your left and you will see an informational board with dates to remember.

The board is maintained by the Conn Elementary Staff and the PTA.

 Conn PTA Bulletin Board

The Conn PTA keeps an informational board in the entrance hall of the school. The board can be found directly in front of the security guard / check in desk.  

Conn PTA Website

The Conn PTA website contains a wealth of information updated frequently.