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Keeping abreast of information regarding your child's class, policies, activities, testing, student performances and other announcements is essential to healthy participation in the Conn community. There are several ways in which you can stay CONNected!

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Social Media

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Carpool Sign

Watch as you drive through carpool each day for handy announcements and timely reminders.

Bulletin Board

The PTA maintains the bulletin board just inside the front door across from the security desk. Make sure to check it out.

School Communications

The school also has a few ways of spreading word, including:

  • Friday Folders - weekly folders sent home from your child's teachers
  • Principal's weekly phone messages. Please call the school office if you're not receiving the phone message.
  • Remind 101 mobile app - download this app to get reminders sent to your phone. The school participates and so do some teachers.
  • School website