What is All for Conn?   

All For Conn is our school's annual no-muss, no-fuss fundraiser. It's 100% tax deductible with no company that takes a BIG share of our school's fundraising dollars. 

$30,000 is our annual goal. That is the minimum needed to cover program expenses that the PTA supports at Conn; programs that would otherwise go unfunded. 

                                          Ways to Donate:

  • Give your one-time best gift online via memberhub.
  • Set up reoccurring monthly paymentsor one-time best gift, via PayPal using a credit or debit card. 
  • Send your cash or check donation via your child's Friday folder. Note: Please make checks payable to Conn PTA

Here are a few more ways you can help:

Check in with your workplace.

Many companies match charitable donations. Does yours? Conn PTA is a 501(c)3 organization and will meet most companies' charitable giving requirements. Please make sure to ask! See a list of known employers who match here >>

Ask family & friends.

Grandparents make great benefactors! Make sure to reach out to them (and other family members & close friends) for their support. All donations are tax deductible. 

Never underestimate the power of a phone call. Get your child involved. They can call family members that live far away or ask family, friends or neighbors that they know well and see often to see if that person would support your child's learning by supporting our school. It's important to Conn PTA that all the students stay safe and NOT ask strangers or go door-to-door asking for donations. Remember, we chose this All For Conn style fundraiser, in part, so we would not be soliciting acquaintances and strangers. 

Your donations are 100% tax deductible!

All For Conn supports some really great programs, which we're sure you wouldn't want to see Conn go without! 

Student / Educator Support

  • Advocacy / Student Support Funds
  • Drama Productions
  • Field Day
  • Field Trip Scholorships 
  • 5th Grade Graduation
  • Leadership / Professional Development
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Positive Behavior Support
  • Reflections (Arts Contest)
  • Science Olympiad
  • Teacher Appreciation Events
  • Teacher Classroom Funds
  • Teacher Mini Grants

Community Outreach

  • Family Fun Night
  • CONNival
  • School Beautification
  • STEM Night
  • Winter Dance

Cultural Arts

  • Pre-K and 1st Grade Storytellers
  • 2nd Grade Performance Workshop
  • 3rd Grade Theater in Residence
  • 4th Grade Writer in Residence
  • 5th Grade Author Visits
  • 5th Grade Batiking
  • All Grades Assemblies 

Media Center

  • Book Fair
  • Media Center Books
  • Visiting Author Program
  • Kids4Critters Program
  • Summer Books Program

Writing a check? 

Make your check payable to Conn PTA and write: "All for Conn" in the memo line. Put the check in an envelope marked "Attn: PTA Treasurer - All for Conn" and send in your child's Friday folder or drop off in the front office. 

Or mail to the school: Conn Elementary PTA, Attn: Treasurer, 1220 Brookside Drive, Raleigh NC 27604

Own a Business? You can support Conn PTA, too!

When you send us your "best gift," we'll send you a full color, laminated version of the 2019-20 BRAG TAG. You can proudly display it in your business or office window. 

Questions? Please email fundraising@connpta.org