Teacher Resource Page

Teacher Stipend Programs:

Stipend receipts and check requests are due 12/31/2021

Professional teaching staff who work directly with students full-time at Conn Elementary School and who join the PTA are eligible for the Teacher Stipend Program from the PTA. Classroom teachers, interventionists, special education teachers, and other student support teaching staff can submit up to $110 in receipts for reimbursement for any supplies purchased for the classroom - including, but not limited to, consumable supplies, classroom decor, storage solutions, teacher resources, apps, software and even professional development expenses.

Special area teachers (i.e., Art, Dance, etc.) who join the PTA are eligible for the Teacher Specialist Stipend Program and eligible for reimbursement of up to $210, as it relates to their focus area.


How to spend or receive your money:

  1. Reimbursement: Download a check request form, attach all receipts and put in PTA lockbox in the mailroom or email forms & receipts to treasurer@conntpa.org.

  2. Send your Amazon wish list to treasurer@connpta.org. Conn PTA will order your items and have them shipped right to school.

Questions? Email: treasurer@connpta.org

2021-2022 Teacher Mini-Grant Application

The PTA offers a Mini-Grant program to help offset costs for learning opportunities that fit our magnet theme and mission at Conn. The deadline for fall Mini-Grant applications is October 15, 2021. All applying teachers MUST have a PTA membership and can be awarded a mini-grant once per year.

Online Mini-Grant Application

Fill out the form and be sure to click 'Submit' at the end.

Mini-Grant Application Scoring

The PTA mini-grant committee will review each application and two committee members will separately score each request with the rubric located on page 4 of the printable mini-grant application. Before finalizing the awardees, the building principal will be consulted to ensure that requests for funding align with school initiatives and all other sources of funding have been explored.

Questions? Email minigrant@connpta.org