Teacher Resource Page

Teacher Stipend Program

Step 1: JOIN the PTA

Memberships are $10/person.

Step 2: SPEND your stipend

Classroom teachers, interventionists, special education teachers, and other student support teaching staff can spend up to $110 towards classroom supplies and programming. Special area teachers can spend up to $210, as it relates to their focus area.


Submit your receipts to the PTA for check reimbursement. Receipts can be submitted either physically to the PTA mailbox in the workroom, or digitally to treasurer@connpta.org. Please include a Check Request Form along with your receipts. Check reimbursements will be issued on a weekly basis.

Access the Check Request Form

Stipend Reimbursement Requests will be accepted all year.

Mini-Grant Program

The PTA offers a mini-grant program for classroom and special area teachers. The grants can be used to offset costs for learning opportunities that fit within our magnet theme and mission at Conn Elementary. All applicants must be members of the PTA and are eligible for one grant per school year in an amount up to $500. Visit the link below to apply.

Access the Mini-Grant Application Form

Mini-Grant Application Scoring: The PTA mini-grant committee will review each application. Two committee members will separately score each request based on the following rubric: budget clarity; correlation of goals and objectives to magnet theme and student needs; sustainability of materials; whether it meets the needs of a diverse population of students; and, if all other sources of PTA funding have been explored. Before finalizing the awardees, the principal will be consulted to ensure that requests for funding align with the School Improvement Plan, district focuses, and professional development goals. The principal will also confirm that the proposal is WCPSS approved.

Mini-Grant Applications will be accepted all year.

Questions? Email Kellee Lewis at treasurer@connpta.org