PTA Board & Committee Chairs

2022/2023 Officers:

President - Jen Guiffre

My name is Jen Guiffre and I’m serving as the President this year. I’m a former Wake County kindergarten teacher and current stay at home mom with two wonderful, active girls (3 year old and current 1st grader). We’re excited to be part of the Conn family!

The President Runs PTA meetings, is the official representative to the district, represents the PTA, speaks on behalf of the PTA and supports all the volunteers. The President is a member of all committees, and can attend any or all meetings, as seems helpful. The President oversees the PTA calendar and adherence to bylaws & procedures. The President works closely with the school Principal, PTA board members and parents to organize and lead PTA activities throughout the school year. The President oversees the PTA budget and alignment of the budget to PTA goals. They lead all PTA meetings and help communicate PTA programs/goal progress to the school/district community. The President is also responsible for representing the Conn PTA at school meetings, district forums, and with all external communications regarding the PTA.

VP Communications - Heather Bishop

Hello! My name is Heather Bishop and I have been a part of Conn Magnet PTA since 2017-serving as Beautification Chair, President, and now VP Communications. I am excited to continue working with our CONNmUNITY this year!

Publicizes all PTA programs and manages communication within the PTA board and membership. Maintains website, memberhub and all social media.

VP* Programs-Amanda Wojoski

VP Programs maintains the PTA calendar, and supports our committee chairs in their programming throughout the year. Reports any info necessary at monthly Board meetings regarding PTA sponsored programs. Makes sure that all committee chairs running PTA sponsored programs have access to information needed to run successful events. Responsible for reviewing and overseeing the scheduling and execution of the PTA sponsored projects by providing support to committee chairs, and keeping VP Programs files up to date.

VP Membership - Ayn-Monique Klahre

Actively works to increase membership of the PTA, assists President with recruiting memberships at the first teacher meeting of the year, participates in promoting/collecting memberships at Meet The Teacher/Open House events; Submits membership numbers monthly to the treasurer.

Secretary - Elissa Pyon

The secretary records the minutes of all meetings of the general membership and the board of directors. They also maintain a file of important documents related to the local PTA. At the end of the term, the secretary shall transfer this file of important documents to his/her successor as secretary.

Treasurer - Elizabeth Harris

I am Elizabeth Harris and I am serving as the PTA Treasurer this year. I have a 2nd grader and a 5th grader. I helped the PTA last year as the volunteer coordinator and I am excited about becoming even more involved this year.

Maintains the PTA financial records. Prepares the budget with board input and approval. Manages and reconciles bank accounts, pays bills and helps direct the Financial Secretary's duties. Provides financial reports for each PTA meeting. Prepares necessary documentation for semiannual audits. Provides annual IRS tax return information to professional tax accountant and files tax return. Completes and submits reports and forms as required NC PTA. Assists program chairs in money management and reporting. Archives the financial records after year end and tax return filed.

Financial Secretary : Kellee Lewis

My name is Kellee Lewis and I am excited to join the PTA team this year as Financial Secretary. I have three children - 3rd grader, 1st grader, and 4 year old - and have loved becoming more involved at Conn through the years.

The Financial Secretary has knowledge of all PTA money handling procedures, signs off on bank statements, manages the cash box during events, and ensures change is available for all events for cash purchases. In addition, the Financial Secretary makes bank deposits and provides banking records to the treasurer, helps to prepare monthly reports of all monies received/deposits made, and performs other duties assigned/delegated by the Treasurer and/or President.

2022/23 Committee Chairs


Advocacy Committee shall develop and organize meetings, activities, and programs to further the goals and purposes of PTA. This committee is tasked with improving communications and relationships between school staff and families, educating families and caregivers on important issues related to the health and educational success of their children, and helping to make each child's potential a reality.


Bob Spaziano

Audit Committee. An audit committee should consist of three to five people who have not had access to the PTA checkbook or bank account.

As a group, the volunteers must be willing and able to meet at least twice during the "off season," usually summer. While individual audit tasks can be delegated, the committee will need to discuss the objectives and conclusions as a group.


The beautification committee helps to help make our school BEAUTIFUL through campus cleanup days, seasonal projects, gardening and art installations.

The CONNival plans our annual spring carnival held outdoors on our school field in May. This event also includes our silent auction fundraiser.

Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts program brings in special artists to enhance students’ learning experiences.

Equity & Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion Chair ensures that PTA Programming is equitable for ALL students and works with Administration to create an inclusive environment for our CONNmUNITY.

The fundraising committee coordinates all our fundraising activities including All For Conn during the month of October, our silent auctions held in May, and works closely with the Social Committee to plan fundraising community nights.


Hospitality Chair manages all teacher appreciation events, luncheons, and special events for our staff and kids.


The literacy committee works with Conn's media specialist to plan the book fair held each November. This committee also coordinates the annual Wake Up and Read book drive.


The merchandise committee plans, orders and sells our our school spirit merchandise. The committee runs our Memberhub online store and ensures merchandise is given to families after being ordered.


The Nominating Committee finds potential candidates for committee positions, and is responsible for completing the slate of officers each year.


Lauren Vukina & Jed Grant

The social committee plans our community nights, winter dance and other fun activities to bring our community together. We are excited to host the winter dance again this February.


Lindsay Blackburn

The social committee plans our community nights, winter dance and other fun activities to bring our community together. We are excited to host the winter dance again this February.

Wellness Chair-Ellie Morris

Ellie is excited to be serving Conn Elementary as Wellness Committee Chair along with other great volunteers committed to children's and families' wellbeing. She has a background in school and childcare health, teaches yoga, and enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, and laughing with her family.

The Wellness Committee seeks to help support the physical and mental wellbeing of the Conn community. One way we do this is by celebrating and advocating for safe, active routes to school through events like Walk to School Day and Bike to School Day. The Wellness Committee is open to all suggestions about how to help our community thrive.


Chika Gujarathi

School Representatives

Teacher Representative: Cynthia Mack,

My name is Cynthia Mack. I have three beautiful children. My family is my inspiration. Family is valued so I am encouraged to be and do my best. Currently, I am a kindergarten teacher. I have taught at Conn my entire teaching career. Teaching is my passion. My mark is to make the space I am in better than I received and/or left it.

Principal-Gabriel Chidester,

It is my honor to introduce myself as the principal of Conn Magnet Elementary School. I am grateful to be a part of the rich legacy of Conn Magnet Elementary. I believe every student is uniquely capable and deserves to be challenged and engaged in their learning each day, therefore I am dedicated to promoting, understanding, and creating equitable learning environments for our students. Throughout my years in education, I have contributed to the work focused on equity leadership through my participation and involvement in various committees and teams.

I am a transparent leader who understands the importance of clear, consistent, and effective communication. I am a team player who values the input of others as we work together to make sound educational decisions based on what is best for students. The success of our students is supported through collaborative relationships and partnerships with all stakeholders.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. I also hold a Master of Arts in Education and Human Development in the field of Educational Leadership and Administration. I am licensed in K-6 Elementary Education, K-12 Reading, K-6 Exceptional Children- General Curriculum, and as a K-12 Principal. During my 16 years in education, I have served in the role of a special education teacher, classroom teacher, Instructional Facilitator, Literacy Coach, and Assistant Principal all at the elementary level. I was a Teacher of the Year finalist for Virginia Beach City Public Schools and a Cary Chamber’s Honor a Teacher Program finalist during my years as a teacher. In 2018, I was selected to be a member of the first inaugural Assistant Principal Leadership Academy cohort through RTI International.

It is my true honor to serve the wonderful CONNmUNITY. I am a dedicated and passionate educator who enjoys supporting the growth and development of those I serve. I look forward to working with each one of your families on our educational journey together.