Stay CONNected with us.

Keeping abreast of information regarding your child's class, policies, activities, testing, student performances and other announcements is essential to healthy participation in the Conn community. There are several ways in which you can stay CONNected!

Questions? Email Heather Hall at:

Our online tool for parents and staff to communicate, share and stay organized.

Sign-up for events, share photos, access student directory, and much more!

The CONNector

Have a few moments to catch up on all things Conn? Click the images below for our newest issues of our monthly newsletter, The CONNector.

Have a shout out or a special announcement you would like to share? Email your information and images to

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Join us at Monthly MeetUps

All meetings will be virtual until further notice.

The Conn PTA holds board meetings the first Thursday from 7:00-8:30 p.m via Google Meetup. We encourage you to attend and join us at 6:45 to get to know other members before the meeting begins. If you miss, minutes are linked for previous meetups. The dates are below:

May 6th (GENERAL)

June 3rd