How much does it cost to join?

Individual Parent Membership: $12

Individual Staff Membership: $12

Family Membership: $24

Who can join? 

Anyone! Parents, teachers, staff, families and community members can join! 

What is required of me? 

NOTHING is required of you.  Conn PTA appreciates ANY and ALL help that we receive from our families-whether it be volunteering,  helping to spread the word about upcoming programs, monetary donations, or simply your membership!  You decide how involved you can be!

*Conn PTA recognizes that some families have factors that may limit their interest or ability to join the PTA. Conn PTA officers do not want PTA membership to be a barrier for families who have an interest in getting involved and staying informed in the their child's education. It is our mission to be one voice for all children. We can only do that if all our children are equally represented with a relevant voice in our organization. We welcome all families to be involved at any level that they are comfortable and able. 

Helpful Links

School Website


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